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Monkey Nuts
(15/07/56 / Curragh Camp, Co. Kildare, Eire.)

Monkey Nuts

Monkey Nuts

He'd chosen
the mask himself

cried for it for

but now
coming the witching hour

(& the eagerly awaited trick or treating)

he refuses
to wear it

(in all seriousness)

"When I puts it on
I scares myself! "

All night
Death on the door knocks

but we don't answer

we hide inside
& eat loads & loads of

monkey nuts.

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Comments (2)

I see the 'oner' got ya...the little pr**K...which is probably the size of his d...! I can't see the point of doing this! I've given you a 10 and it only pushes it up to a 5! that's not fair 'cos the poem deserves more than that. It's a delightful little peice and made me laugh...an Halloween peice that yet isn't an Halloween peice. I just love that 'when I puts it on I scares myself.! ' Now that's funny! And as for the oner I'll give him a kick in the monkey nuts with a stiletto. I can't even understand people grading a poem to a 5 or an 8! Ya don't like it or it don't grab ya...then leave it alone. If ya like it then ten it! Simple! love Dee Dee
'When I puts it on I scares myself' - wonderful stuff, Donall, and written in your inimitable way. I could visualise you reading it aloud. Love, Fran xxx PS The infamous 'Oner' is on the prowl tonight.