DR (09-11-1982 / London, England)

Monolithic Loss

Here’s a sheet of marble,
For you to ignore
Engraved upon are my ghosts demonic,
Come and carve your name upon it
Some more.

Here’s a monolithic marble stone,
A testimony to my ugliness
And the chaos to which Im prone
Overgrown now, but,
Still my monolithic marble stone

Upon my monolithic marble stone
Lays my home, upon a crest made of gold
Reflecting the sun, amplifying my shadowed woe
Upon my monolithic marble stone

A staircase rising from the ocean to the shore
Up to my marble home, stopping dead at my door
Beautiful limestone steps a once so pure road
But from my weather they began to erode

Now the steps lay as dust on the beach
So now upon my monolithic stone im out of reach
Atop of a mountain deep,

Now the steps are dust on the beach
I'll be
Once and for always out of reach

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