Achieving to believe,
Remaining subservient and obedient...
Is a quality of life,
Identified to guarantee...
A respect to always get it.
Depends upon,
Who is being pleased...
By one's obedience.
And who believes remaining,
Is success to have it achieved.

'That's your opinion.
People today are doing their best,
To leave that kind of racist thinking
Behind them.'

And your opinion is what?

I'm certainly no racist.
And I don't have a wish,
To be either a politician.
Minister, sidewalk preacher or priest
Talking about the brightness,
Of those tomorrows promised to come.
That kind of success,
My mind has long put to rest.'

I see.
Do you know how successful,
You could be...
By being all those things.
And then developing a franchise?
You ever played monopoly?

'Monopoly? '

That's all it is.
An investment in deception.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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