Monorhyme On Cherian Sir

My Principal is forever ready to explore
New things from students who implore
And set a new goal for them to outscore
In their own life. He is ready to restore
Intellect and discipline in school therefore
Stands out and administers students' footsore.
Cherian sir the one who is fighting war
Against anxiety and worry on door,
Which pester children and occasionally gore
Their morale and self-esteem. They spoor
Away from study which he sojourns before
They reach to larger extent and be cocksure.
Never he criticizes without any reason poor,
As he is a positive thinker. All of us roar
Which is pacified by him but for sure.
He is the man of principles and decor
Whose blessings on all of us ever pour.

by Sanket Jain

Comments (1)

Students implore and principal thinks to explore about talents of students.Principal is the man of principle. Poem presented in mono-rhyme form is excellently penned. This poem gives beautiful feelings to readers. An excellent verse is shared here.10