Monsanto Gm Not Wear Dated Ultron-Z

Poem By Joe Rosochacki

I was familiar when Monsanto when I sold carpet.
(Beckwith-Evans to be exact, where I was spared my demise by a duo of thugs)
Monsanto Ultron-Z was fiber that was 'wear-resistant',
And later Monsanto was involved with many things and that's not all of it.
GM, not General Motors, is genetic modification of the food supply, that is a constant.
GM is far away from petroleum products, but is it?
The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) I think hides it head in the sand.
But also I think they don't give a S%&t.
Monsanto's is everywhere in it's Global fingertips on the food chain.
From Africa, to Europe, possibly to China, America, and India.
It's possible that someday Monsanto could create weather to make it rain.
Everywhere from the Gobi Desert to a farm in Indiana.
If Dupont gets into the picture,
Then there would be a 'Cold War' between the two chemical companies.
It would give a whole new meaning to the term 'chemical warfare',
It can be that the two companies would align and bring the world to its knees.
Food can be the ultimate weapon.
Warlords in Africa starved people by preventing food to them,
It is ploy that was used for centuries
From the movie Taras Bulba to the present day, no food to gather and fen.
I first wrote an observation, Morton,
-about a corporate take over in the world, you can read it, if you please.


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