Poem By maggie signaigo

There was a monster outside my window
This morning when I awoke
And it scared me so, I went back to bed
Where I prayed for strength and spoke
To God, and asked Him “Why now my Lord? ”
Why now is it back again?
I faithfully took my medication
This must be the price for sin.”

There was a monster in my mirror
When I braved my way from bed
And it scared me so, I looked away
Pretended to not notice, instead
I took a hot shower…steamed up the mirror
I felt safer now and warm
Anthony Perkins was not on my mind
My “Psycho” takes another form.

There was a monster in my closet
Could not decide which shoes
To wear today, to get through it
When he is here I can’t choose
I sat in the floor and cried a bit
Squeezed my hands and pulled my hair
Grabbed a well-worn pair of Nike’s
To avoid my feet being bare.

There was a monster in my head today
It happens that way sometimes
I can never quite kill him or send him away
And he chases away all my rhymes
This monster he has many names
Like anxiety or depression
And I know when he comes and stays
Soon therapy will be in session.

Comments about Monster

mary...thank you very much for reading and commenting...good input sir ali...if you see kay you, sir
This is strange yet good, it really gets ya thinking! If this 'monster' is anxiety, depression, and other types of emotions such as this, use it to write more. Maybe your monster has much to say... sincerely, Mary
if you see monsters better to keep away from mirrors SIR ALI

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