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One day I will look at you and see the monster you really are.
I will see the lack of emotion in your eyes or the cruelty behind every fake smile.
One day I will lose all feeling for you.
More than anything I want to rid myself of you completely, but since I was young you captured my heart and you never gave it back.
You never were delicate with my heart, you never even gave me yours.
Thats why im so confused as to why I cant let you go.
Your so good at pretending to be someone else, or maybe I just chose to see someone that never really existed.
I try to put the blame all on you, but I know I cant do that anymore.
Im old enough now to realize I allowed you to treat me this way.
I allowed you to keep coming back into my life and using me for your pleasure.
I know you see the pain in my eyes.
I know you can feel the way you hurt me.
Just walk away and dont come back.
Allow me to heal and move on.
Thats what makes you a true monster though, you wont walk away because you know Im not stong enought to.

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