AK (04 06 1987 / Bath UK)


I try to Comprehendit all.
As you tear right through me.
As you rape me once again
The monster's back tonight.

Fueled by Anger.
In partnership with rage.
I can't build walls fast enough for you.
Cuase here you are again.

All these years have taught you well.
You know just how to do it.
Keep my quiet.
And make me frightened.

The assault begins again
Your armed with your harsh words.
And your spite.

You leave wounds
no one sees
but me.
The monster's back tonight.

I can't build walls fast enough.
To protect myself.
I just cant understand you

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Comments (2)

This looks familiar, is it your habit to take other people's poetry, switch a few words and call it your own? Have some creativity and use your own voice instead of mine.
Get the monster before it gets you! ! ! 'If it bleeds you can kill it...'