(August 10 / Born in Columbus OH - living in Florida)

Monster In A Box (Children)

There's a monster in my house!
It came in a great big box.
Mommy says it isn't so,
but something ate my socks.

I used to have a full sock drawer,
with red ones and some blue.
I even had some white ones,
'cause I wear white socks, too.

There's a monster in my house!
It came in a great big box
and I must make it angry
or it wouldn't eat my socks.

It lives around here, somewhere.
(whisper) Shhhh! I hope it's not around!
'Cause if you ever wake it up,
it makes such awful sounds.

Most times, it says, 'Yum-Yum! Yum-Yum! '
Sometimes, it just goes 'swish'.
But, I know it eats my socks up
without a spoon or dish.

Mom says they're underneath the bed
or spread around the floor.
(well the monster musta' burped 'em there
when she opened up the door) .

There's a monster in my house!
It came in a great big box!
Mom says it's just the washer...
but it's a monster that eats my socks!

by C.J. Heck

Comments (4)

There must be more that one monster, because I have a drawer of mis'matched monster eaten (holes and all) socks. Loved this one and it's going straight to the grandchildren. Linda
Fabulous! Can't wait to read the next one. S
Never mind children loving it, I certainly do, it puts me in mind of my 9 moth old pup. Everthing about this is wonderful; the structure', the humour and a timeless theme that says that there are always things disrupting our lifes, even if it is our own ability to remember things. Lots of love Denis Joe
Lovely, humorous verse. Children would love it. I can imagine it being read to a group of wee ones and their delighted faces at the sounds and descriptions (especially the mention of burping too) . Another 10.