Monster No One Can See

My life has a secret to keep
My world is darkened in me
This monster follows me
Cuts me open head to feet

It’s a secret to big to keep alone
But awaits the death penalty for those who know
This is a burden carried alone
There’s no way I can take it home

See my secret is loss and can never be gained
It is forgotten but will always remained
Causes madness in the most sane
Brings tears to the braves man

If I tell u my secret u are sworn to keep
It’s not something you'll hate to know
My secret is i'm a dreamer in discuses
My tears fall on the in side
I hate the life I have to lead but it’s I have of me

Well know u know
And now I’m free
But it’s a life that will not escape me

by tony atkins

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Tony Without explainning, I am giving you a 10 for this poem. Always, Linda
well..Johari's window said so...very well presented