Monstrosities - Τερατουργήματα

Poem By Kostas Lagos

Insanity everywhere!

Not only inside my head

or even inside these walls

A kingdom of fright

sweeps the lands, the skies

the seas,

the stars, all the dimensions

Does it start from within

or does it end inside me?

Save me God

from the hideous monstrosities

that have me encircled

Παντού παραφροσύνη

Όχι μόνο στο μυαλό μου

ή έστω μέσα σ' αυτούς τους τοίχους

Ένα βασίλειο φρίκης

σαρώνει τη γη, τον ουρανό

τη θάλασσα

τα άστρα, όλες τις διαστάσεις

Ξεκινούν από μέσα

ή μέσα μου καταλήγουν;

Σώσε με Θεέ μου

από τα φρικώδη τερατουργήματα

που με έχουν περικυκλώσει

Comments about Monstrosities - Τερατουργήματα

I've read your recent poems, dear poet, some great be-stirring seems churning within you, but there is no doubt of 'brilliant penning' as Jez Brul said. Of course you said you were inspired by H P Lovecraft's work, but there is still a great that is your own.
Most people pray to God to save them from the devil, not realizing the devil is within! This poem very well executed, no pun intended.

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