Montagues And Capulets

Two household both alike in diginty,
but completely different in personality.
The war that has raged since ancient times,
Finally finds its end.
Unknown how it started,
But death is how it ended.
The Montague's son and Capulet's daughter fell in love.
There love is death marked from the start.
Romeo Montague, where for art thou,
Banished from Verona for the murder of Tybalt Capulet.
Juliet Capulet,
Only 14 years of age and already engaged to Paris.
There romance is short lived,
Because a party creates love at first sight for these to fatal lovers.
These star crossed lovers keep there love a secret.
A poison taken my Juliet, that can only be cured by true loves kiss.
True love is to late, for she awakes to find her true dead at her side.
A dagger in Romeo's possession puts an end to this strife.
In Juliet the dagger goes.
The war that has raged since ancient times,
Finally ends this death marked love!

by Lucy Williams

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