(5-28-42 / Washington state USA)

Montana Visit

Well, we spent a couple of weeks
About fifty miles northwest of Billings
Camped on our twenty acres
The animals were really thrilling

A family of bunnies camped right under
The trailer that we leave over there
They trusted us completely
Those sweet little furry hares

My husband awoke in the morning
And sat at our little table
Binoculars trained out the window
He kept them still and stable

We had seen a flock of wild Turkeys
That roamed not far from where we were
Several days in a row it was
We made sure we never made a stir

Then there was the huge Buck one morning
That pranced across a brown field
Then climbed toward a bluff
And up into the sage brush hills

As you can see our visit was perfect
Down the road again we’d go
But we’ll be back as soon as possible
To Montana, a state that we love so!

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