(5-28-42 / Washington state USA)

Montana Weather

We open the windows of our Montana home
And hope for the best but those clouds will roam
And pretty soon as the wind blows through
That sky has changed and it’s no longer blue
Close the windows and do it fast
Cause that sweet warm weather will no longer last
Put on your sweater and crank up the stove
It’s suddenly winter that will chill your toes
The dark clouds fury and the rumble in the sky
Puts a smile on your face but you don’t know why
Lightening flashes across the sky
Makes you smile kinda silly but you don’t know why
The rain pours down and soups up the ground
You drive through slime wherever you’re bound
Keeps you busy trying to guess
What kind of weather Montana likes best
Seems to be whatever it feels like
You won’t know the answer till it’s in your sight
But don’t you worry if you don’t like it now
In an hour or two it’ll change anyhow.

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