Montana to see in the autumn time,
Is a site of a lifetime.
Seeing all the flowers bloom and fade away,
And where the sky fills above halfway.

Oh Montana in the winter cold,
Is a beauty in the eyes of the beholder.
It just might freeze you to the very bone,
But you will never be able to let go of the beauty thereof.

In Montana’s Springtime,
Its just all playtime.
The animals come on out to play,
All at noonday.

Now the summers of this great Montana,
Is no time to sit around and do yoga.
Rather you should go out,
And play until you just blowout.

There in all you will see in Montana the,
Rolling Mountains to and fro,
To big to fit one of your lassos.
And the plains that you see far off,
Will be too large to see across.

by Nyki Thomas

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My mother was born there. You're right. ~Shane~