LK (12/21/1979 / Georgia)


She is my lover, entrances me as
she dances through the trees,
glowing and mocking me
as I lie here to sleep.
Inviting, taunting, I resist
weeping—I want her.
but I am here, pretending to be in dream
as his breathing deepens.
Cannot take the silence
of my longing—must capture this moment.
Writing by candlelight, flame glowing,
fading, glowing. Footsteps on old floors,
ice dropping in the freezer.
My heart would stop
if a voice were to cut this quiet,
peace, and though I only
hear silence and the swish
of my pen over paper,
I imagine it is my lover there,
Watching me dance by the fire,
Among the trees, longing to be
Near enough to feel them breathe.

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