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Moon-blade-shoulder blade
(1978 / Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro)

Moon-blade-shoulder blade

Poem By Márcio- André

moon-blade-shoulder blade
the porcelain dog shattered over the porcelain of the constellation

or this heavy water in the light clots

over there where stars are forged
out of sun soft matter

I reached the age I once dreamed of
but the dream didn't stand the age

over here in this faraway land
beforehand before all that was created
[there are places that forget to update as they are mapped]

the immortals coined man
so they could see the world through man's eyes
but throughout our whole lives we've waited for something
on the reverse side of those lives

of all possible realities we are only aware of that
in which everybody comes ready for machine fitting

systems can be subverted -

let's then subvert the stars which we do not own
the astrolabe of the mouth's sky-dome]

Translation: Ana Hudson

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