IOI (7/4/1934 / Hebburn.Co Durham U.K)

Moon Dancer 2009

Beneath the moon alone I dance
to music only I can hear
Though other folk may look askance
and turn away to hide their fear.

They fear me ‘ cos I don’t conform
to any rule they recognise.
The say I’m mad when I perform
my shuffling dance beneath the skies

I may be mad but I am free,
more free than they will ever be.
For what they see as sanity
a subtle form of slavery.

They must conform to some set norm.
They are afraid of liberty.
Their life a role which they perform
albeit most reluctantly.

Until the pressure got to me
I used to be a college grad.
A nervous breakdown set me free.
Insanity is not too bad.

I dance alone beneath the moon
to music no one else can hear.
I caper to a lilting tune
My dancing drives away my fear.

Sometimes I can talk lucidly
and demonstrate intelligence
But all too soon the clarity
fades into incoherence.

I do no harm to anyone.
I represent no threat at all
But peoples fears still linger on
which they conceal behind a wall.

Pretending they’re indifferent
They do not try to understand
the reason I am different
They just dismiss me out of hand.

I am obsessed compelled to dance
to every moonlight rhapsody.
Recovery, there’s little chance.
Please show a little sympathy.

It could be you instead of me.
That’s forced to dance beneath the moon
to some compelling melody.
Believe me it could happen soon.

You are compelled to seek success.
The stresses grow too hard to bear
and all your efforts to impress
dissipate into thin air.

Then you will learn to be like me
Free from all the stress and strain
escape into insanity
Because you overstrained your brain..

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Well done Ivor, insanity I wonder. I might try it. Regards Ann
Brilliant! A call-to-dance to all those who dance to the music in their heads and the wannabe's too! Loved this poem.