She looses her garment by slow degrees
like a splendid angel on silver wings.
She dances across the sweltering seas
with the night-stars of dim emblazonings.

Her beautiful body is soft and round,
half-hidden, like the scent of a flower.
A Goddess shimmering upon the ground,
slightly tasted in a summer shower.

Each night she dances with the moonrise glow,
circling round like a ballerina.
The graceful beauty of light and shadow
that embraces the art of Athena.

I watch her each night, with many a sigh,
mesmerized as though I were in a dream.
I hold her vision when I close my eye,
bathed in the shimmer of the moonlight gleam.

Blisses of beauty could never impart
the sweet taste of her ambrosial lips
nor the timeless way she captures the heart
as from my sight she gradually slips.

Moon-dancer! Moon-dancer! A graceful star!
Your midnight allure such loveliness brings.
Moon-dancer! Moon-dancer! You are so far;
yet, I feel I can touch your silvered wings.

by Linda Marie Van Tassell

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