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Moon Face Back
(1967- / Homestead, Florida)

Moon Face Back

The looking down upon,
Through wisps of cloud and contrail,
Column dust and blizzard snow,
Factory plume and bomb smoke -

We barely spoke
Before the border, no
Negotiation tactic, no
Diplomatic maneuver -

Though a gem is beautiful,
Like you,
Someone will purify it -
Shine a light through it -
Make a weapon of it -
And transform you from a gentle prophet
To a killing machine -

There’s a lunar surface rarely seen -
There’s a face on it -
Maybe God’s,
Maybe Indifference -
Favoring a known darkness

Away from us.

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Comments (2)

May the gentle prophet be as mighty as a tiger, as elusive as the snake and as cunning as a jackal yet always remain the gentle prophet and may God's favor shine upon you.
Is it a rising star or a star who has already risen? Excellent. H