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Moon Land
EA (26\5\1988 / cairo)

Moon Land

Poem By Eman Awad

He is a nice boy,
i see him every day.
But when i see him at night,
moon hides away.
When he walks down my street,
i just know.
He makes the air smells so sweet,
and i can tell where he goes.
I wish to know his name,
or forget his eyes.
He is never to blame,
for being an angel in disguiss.
Every one likes him so,
even though he doesn't talk much.
You can tell he was hurt a long time ago,
and it won't be just a hunch.
They say she was beautiful but she was gone,
you can tell from his sad smile.
He was so broken and no more he sang his song,
he remembers her whenever he stares for a while.
How can she leaves him? i'll never understand,
but i know that he went there like me to Moon land.
It's where the moon covers you,
and drown you in it's light.
It's where you go after what you've been through,
of that immortal fight.
It's where you go to find love...
They say that we breathed the same air,
and we were drowned in the same rain.
That's why for him i care,
as we shared one pain.
Maybe he is my remedy,
as we where there together.
Maybe we are meant to be,
and we will share forever.
But enough of building castels in sand,
maybe it was destinated for us to go to ,
Moon land...

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