Friday, Fall, Forever

Poem By Brett Rogers

You are such sweetness in my mouth.
And a touching tenderness at my fingertips,
with an enchantment of scent that makes my senses real,
and reel with their heady intoxication of; just you.
My eyes are filled with the deepness of your soul
and blinded with its bright intensity.
My hearing hears your gentle breathing breath,
which speaks so eloquently in its expectant quickening
at my approach; just me.

Your hair cascades across the snow
of silken skin with forms like gentle drifts
fashioned by a forming mistral kiss.
And your eyes, your eyes, that window
into utter bliss, that seemingly consumes
my very being, into your deep; your deep abyss.
Your lips which speak a thousand promises,
at each slight and gentle moistening with your tongue.
Hands that caress and care, massaging my sullen soul
to relieve it of each and every fear and stress.

That is all I have to say except to state
that I am blessed and graced,
if grace be known to be most rare; not commonplace,
with an enchantment in the form of; just you.
An ethereal moonlit goddess of my dreams.

Comments about Friday, Fall, Forever

What a beautiful piece, filled with love and respect and amazement and wonder. Loved it!
Wow is this also you? ? this is a work of man..................head over heels in love! Savouring, his it? who is the lady who inspired it or is it a fragment of imagination.....................Wonderful! !
If only all guys could make a girl sound and feel like that, we just might have world peace and love. Gorgeous poem, deserves to be right up along 'Lovesong' by Ted Hughes. Xs and Os, Colette
This is lovely David, if someone ever described me this way, well............. who knows, excellent, well worth a 10, best wishes Lynda xx
Stunning! ! This is most definitely one of your best David, I loved it, so romantic, so eloquent and yes Dee might well be right! ! ! Well Done, HG: -) xx

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