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Moon? Not Moon?
(15th May 1972 / Birmingham)

Moon? Not Moon?

Poem By Stefan nnn

time passes
there's no tick
there's no tock
from a digital clock

i wonder what my cat would look like without ears
a scrunchy tiger smiling bobble head
she nestles between my arms
as i lay on the couch, drowsy from eating
her head on my hand
eyes a little open

i remember going to best buy
they had lots of stuff
although nothing i really wanted
my friend was returning something
the transaction seemed to go smoothly
outside i was surprised once more how hot philadelphia was in september

once i dreamed i was the moon
and that all the world's lovers gazed up onto my serene yellow face
well, actually i didn't
but it would have been a charming metaphor
or maybe perhaps;
an allegory

time passes
i can hear it
my clock's analogue!

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