Gospel? (It Means Good & Not Bad News)

Preaching the Gospel means spreading the good news,
Not the negative of too small, too tight, pain filled shoes,
Higher not lower, a shark over perch, stronger not weak,
Be careful what you hear even more so what you speak.

The 11th chapter of Hebrews is about the heroes of faith,
The beginning of 12 will tell us to lay aside every weight,
Drop all external and internal hindrance slowing the pace,
Why carry or hear anything extra, prone to make you late?

In 11, yes there were some, the promise was not received,
Even though obtaining a faith report because they believed,
But, those who made it far out weighed those who did not,
We can’t settle for the bottom and stop reaching for the top.

Should you focus on the ones who didn’t make it through?
For sure they are in the bible and that means it has to be true,
But, to talk about not getting there what sense does it make?
It destroys the basic principle defeating the promise by faith.

2nd Corinthians 5: 7 says, “We walk by faith and not by sight, ”
This means only calling out success and not lack of it, right?
Are you stuck in the same place 10,20 years with no change?
You’re concentrating on a negative instead of positive change.

Are we able to cast our mountains into the sea? Sure we can,
It’s really useless to do that and keep talking about dry land,
You must continue speaking victory even if looks like defeat,
They didn’t make it then, affirmative should still be preached.

Yes there are some, who are going to have an opposing view,
Just ask yourself this, exactly where are you following them to?
What is the reason so many kids fail, never doing well in class?
Not hearing of the ones who made it only those who didn’t pass.

The purpose of the Gospel is to build us up not bring you down,
A straight pathway to the promises and not to turn us around,
With a positive smile on our face instead of a negative frown,
Doctrine that’s spiritually, morally, mentally, physically sound.

Of all the scriptures, what sense does it make to relay the small?
Jesus didn’t come only for salvation but so we could stand tall,
How is it possible to know the bible and yet still be confused?
Preaching the Gospel means spreading good and not bad news.

by Luke Easter

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....beautifully penned ★ lost in a vast ocean of clouds
I understand that this poem is now quoted by a pirate lord in 'Pirates of the Caribbean: At the World's End'
One of the greatest 'mountain' poems ever written, with an incredibly vivid imagery of the night landscape under the moon, battered by the ceaseless wind. Beautiful - made me interested in Li Po