*moon Rapes His Sister Sun

In the pitch darkness strange things can happen;
But unfortunately nowadays it happens in the daylight too.

* The title quoted from the book ' American Indian myths and legends' selected and edited by Richard Erdoes and Alfonso Ortiz.

by nimal dunuhinga Click to read full poem

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Have a nice time to read this poetry have a heart beat languagetowards the haven scene.
Uncontrolled and unguided gratification …psychopaths are in plenty… Excellent Caption...congrat… 10+ Ms. Nivedita UK
The brevity of the poem speaks out loud and clear worthy of top marks.. regards
So much conveyed with so little. A poem very well crafted.The brevity is dynamic as it is powerful. Thank you for sharing.
I don't know how to reply to this one.More food for thought.
wow no dur things can happen in the dark but ok good i guess it gets strait to the point good try!
In the pitch darkness strange things can happen... and donot get suprised over it... many things happen in dark nights.... beautifully crafted poem... read mine dead nights, go to hell and you go alone
Wonderful 10+++
few lines tell the characteristric of modern age..............
amazing--- the narration of the tragedy in just a few lines +++10 anjali
It's amazing, love it with 10.
I read this and I suppose it is the opening to something. I gave it a 5. GW62
Too true, we would hope that in the daylight, those doing the harm would see what they were doing and! STOP! Love duncan X
nice poem. very well done. Kolitha
Very thought provoking. It is true that terrible things can happen in daylight as well as in darkness. Ten for this. Warm regards, Sandra