Moon´s Sadness

Suddenly, the sky is darkened.
Rays and lightnings accompany him.
It is murmured there in the high,
that the moon dies from sadness.
That she dies from sadness?
What pain anguishes her?
To her, that always laughed and fell in love
with the solitary hearts?
To her, unconditional accomplice
of the forbidden loves?
Who will it be that is stealing her joy?

I asked the rain and she didn't answer me.
I asked the ray and he was silent.
I have asked the night,
I have investigated in the sea.
I traveled until the infinite and I asked the stars,
and they kept the secret...
It only lacked the day with his radiant sun,
and when speaking to him of the moon,
his face filled itself with red glows,
and he didn't answer me.


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