Moon's Splendor

Poem By Krantol Northic

Look at the moon
Tell me, what do you see?
A portal to a world
where your dreams can be?
A magical theme park
where your attention is fee?
Or in this cosmic golf-game of life
the golf ball on a tee?

I see an orb filled with hope
parading through the night
Before the dark clouds of reason
cover its sweet light
Maybe a circus mirror
distorting whats wrong and right
Till the point you don't know
if you're still fighting the good fight

But if you trudge on through the night
and upon the moon you cling
And when the sun begins to shine
the new day heralding
Remember to thank your guide
The moonlight, the night's king
bid it good will, you'll see it again
once the night renews its coming.

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