Sitting around this empty place,
Full of hollowness and nothingness,
None of the place I wanna be,
The place that I call home.

No love, no hope,
My life’s a loss,
No wish, no aim,
My life’s empty,
With only the sad darkness
As company.

How could this be,
This is not how it should be,
But with the way things seem,
My chances seem so slim.

Can’t forget the things I done,
Can’t erase the memories in my mind,
All the lies t told,
All the love I sold,
All the friends I betrayed,
All the monsters I portrayed,
Has turned to guilt.

My vision is blurred,
My mind is clouded,
My body is numb,
I feel so dumb,
For the things I done,
Guilty, I am so. –MJ(07)

by the poet

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