You Are My Sunrise

The sun is smiling as I open my eyes
Birds serenading the awoken sky.
I watch from my window the sun climbing a hill
Spreading its glimmer so beautiful.

Trees catch the amber and red glow
Rising sun embracing me with love she bestows.
Caresses the clouds with her pink gleams
And sees her reflection in the crystal blue stream.

I look up at the cerulean sky
I feel God deposit heaven in my eyes.
This view is that of celestial
Giving a blessing upon the terrestrial.

She gives me hope to conquer my day
Free my problems and take my sorrows away.
She quenches my soul with kind bliss
And injects myself with tenderness.

My dear girl you have me in a paradise
My dear beauty you have me mesmerised
Because you are my lovely sun rise.
I love you.

by Theo Williams

Comments (10)

the moon understands dark places. the moon has secrets of her own. ———— Girlhood experience revealed in the background of the moon.. Terrific.
the moon is queen of everything. she rules the oceans, rivers, rain. when I am asked whose tears these are I always blame the moon........beautiful expression with nice theme. Brilliant write.
A powerful, biting work that explores how children find refuge from horrors over which they have no control. To be able to project our pain onto something distant and objective in order to survive the painful reality of that which is close and familiar. Terrific writing; necessarily horrible subject.
The moon understands dark places! ! Thanks for sharing this poem with us.
A translation of the poem in Hindi/Urdu here - https: //
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