The Joy Has Faded-06

I started at a new school
And I thought 'Wow, this is cool! '

But little did I know
My true feelings were to show

I first got an ugly look
On my way to check out a book

The next day was not so easy
In fact, I started to get a little queasy

Afterwards, I started to cry
It seemed my happiness was a big lie

Soon I started to miss my friends
The ones I'd be with, 'til the world ends

I told my mom 'I wanna go back! ! '
She said 'NO! That principle is wack!

'All I'm gonna hear is Mr.B this! , Mr.B that!
'One of these days im gonna beat him with a bat! '

Oh, how I miss my friends
The ones I'll be with 'til the end

The ones who make me smile
When I feel as I'm at the bottom of a dog pile

The ones who get me through the day
When I'm feeling like the color gray

The ones who treat me like their family
And help me understand why I get happy

I started at a new school
And now I know im a big fool!

by Selena Star

Comments (11)

bland poem 3/10
the moon understands dark places. the moon has secrets of her own. ———— Girlhood experience revealed in the background of the moon.. Terrific.
the moon is queen of everything. she rules the oceans, rivers, rain. when I am asked whose tears these are I always blame the moon........beautiful expression with nice theme. Brilliant write.
A powerful, biting work that explores how children find refuge from horrors over which they have no control. To be able to project our pain onto something distant and objective in order to survive the painful reality of that which is close and familiar. Terrific writing; necessarily horrible subject.
The moon understands dark places! ! Thanks for sharing this poem with us.
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