Like bees drawn
to the moonflower
by lunar light,
I am inexplicably
attracted to you.

The hum of the bees
and the steadiness
of their work surprises
anyone who has
ever seen how
gently bees enter
open blossoms
in search of pollen.

How studiously the bees
glide about and if coaxed
will land on my index finger
peaceably but briefly
before resuming
their delicate work
inside the white blossoms.

If I were a solitary bee
and you a moonflower,
I would search
for you and find you
in the twilight hour.

I would delve
into your tenuous form
slowly and deliberately
to gather pollen
and would impregnate
you with promise
as you unfolded elegantly
in rhythmic synchronicity
with the setting sun.

by William Jackson

Comments (17)

Your words are glowing in my heart-light like the flower in this poem and the flower on my trellis...well done!
william, this is a lovely delicate poem like the flowers and how the bees work on them. keep on your lovely write.
wow! This was so sensual and amazingly romantic. Just delicious William. Thanks for the read.: o) Bj
The conceit unfolds elegantly and beautifully.
Lovely language. The imagery - the solar bee - the twilight - the moonflower - blends the lights beautifully. Strong all the way through.
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