Did you see the moon tonight
Hanging 'tween the trees?
Blazing in her splendor bright
She kissed the evening breeze;

Playful shadows skipped and danced
Along the silent shore -
Reflecting off the water's edge
Across the valley floor;

A wishing moon, as some would say
All lovers would agree -
It holds all secrets great and small
And whispered thoughts set free;

This regal beauty of the night
Reigns mystical on high,
She governs all the earth below
And dominates the sky;

If dreams be colored by her glow
And wishes granted, too -
May all my dreams be realized,
And let my wish come true!

by Linda Ori

Comments (7)

Serenity reigns! That moon 'hanging 'tween the trees' was as fresh and real as I might have seen out in the countryside. I'm with Alison in that your rhythm, rhyme, fluidity is as good as it gets! ! Loved this. jim xxx
Your are one of those poets who must have been born with the rhyming gene Linda. Your pieces have a satisfying pulse to them with scantion that is always spot on. That, coupled with such interesting and original images makes this a jewel of a poem. love, Allie xxxx
I've never been big on wishes but your rubbed my bottle just right with this one... so
Splendor & grande imagery...but, ahemmmmm...It is you know...the M A N in da' Moon....not the Woman, that is unless you were attempting to express it as Wooooo, man...whatta Moon it is tonight! lol! Midnight...much delight, i all that you write...Don't ever stop! FjR
Enchanting Linda, love it! Justine
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