Bewitched by the power of a silvery moon
Singing and dancing in your pearlescent light
We laugh and we cry ‘til you fade out of sight
The creatures of dark look up and call out
They too are in love with your aura and might
As you circle the earth and shine through the night.

Mighty and tireless you reach out through the space
And touch us, and pull us, all over the place
The oceans are breathing as they rise and they fall
Under the pull that you exert on the waters and all
And when we can’t see your ancient and scarred, cratered face
We know you are there in the usual place.

You shine as you did in the oldest of times
And inspired so many to paint and write rhymes
From then until now and to the end of our lives
You are worshipped and followed by those that do know
Your presence is part of the heavens that show
The beginning the present and where we will all go.

by David Taylor

Comments (5)

Delightfully, lovely... the wonders of the moon.....dreamlike.......~~~love, marci.xo.~~~~
the moon is a beautiful thing I ever saw and it's nice that someone wrote about it, great job, really love it! ! ! -Ryuoh
Lovely David...seems we all get bewitched by the sun of the night from time to time. Great poem.... Leria
'Was it Aristotle who suggested, and Aquinas who asserted...' (that's old-fashioned lit-speak for yes it was) , that poets and philosophers are united in the sense of wonder? A lunar landscape of the there often...
this is a very nice poem David..the beauty of the moon seems to capture us all doesn't it? ...nicely written..thanks