(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

'Mooning' The People

Let me set the record straight,
For you people.
And make it clear.
There will be no further snooping,
As to when we last used our axes
We have already reported those dates,
When we decided to reveal how we did that.
And where we sent the trees once we chopped them down,
Is none of your business.
We have been doing this most of our lives.
We are The Normans.
We own property all over the world.'

Not to be insistent with my persistence.
It is 'your' husband running for a high public office,
Mrs. Norman.
And will be elected by trusting and...
Mrs. Norman,
You do understand...
They are Christians as well.

'I could care less if they were sheep,
Twilling their own wool 'bah-ing' themselves to sleep.
I said...
We will NOT be discussing this matter again.
Clear? '

No wonder that cat looks like a puppet in public.
Did you hear what she said?

~Madame Rutherbee,
The question refers to your paying of taxes.
And how you spend your money.
On 'HOW' and WHERE you've got that kind of loot hidden.
The people deserve a right to know.
What makes your husband any more special,
Than the last past few leaders we've had?
What does he have that's makes him so exclusive? ~

I can't believe she's doing this!

~Is she 'mooning' the people? ~

It doesn't look like a vanilla cookie to me.
And it is very difficult at this moment,
To come up with an exact interpretation.
Maybe that's the secret of keeping their resources,
And today?
It wouldn't be that far fetched to think the worse.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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