In An Old Diary

Faded pink petals
tween old yellowed pages
In a time worn ol’ diary
Filled with eras and ages

Leaves, red and golden
Pressed between old yellowed pages
Of old diaries beholden
to lives unfolded stages

Still linger on pages
Faint aromas and memories
Of phases and stages
All now, long lost histories

Tarnished brass clasps
Still holds e’er so tight
As did young hands once grasp
To their breast in the night

Fervent feelings writ in faded black ink
Young hopeful yearnings from the past
Love and longing, an enduring link
Diaries, as do lives, grow old e’er so fast

on withered old hands one laid on the other
Lines of blue veins trace out as a map
In repose on a tattered old cover
Of an old diary, in an old lady’s lap

by David Whalen

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