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Poem By Tilde Sauffaus

Moon is shining
Stars are lining
I never thought the moment could be better
I never thought the moment could be prettier
Then you showed up as a star shining
Waiting to break through
The moon is here
The stars are there
I'm so close
Yet so far
I wonder where i could be
In this nightfull sky
Stars are bright
The moon is light
I wonder when it'll become night

The water on the beach is reflecting the moonlight
The moonlight shining like a bright light
You look at him
You look at how the moonlight reflects on him
He is the one making my heart beat
He makes me feel safe
I wonder how the night will be
It's cold but warm
It's bright but dark
It's shining and reflecting

My perfect night to be..

It's the nights turn to be beautiful now

It's now how it's supposed to be

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