The moonlight was our guiding light,
and it was passion we were trying to fight.
We were nervous, and our hearts were beating fast,
I wanted this moment to never pass.
The world was drowned out as we sat there,
and giving in was a big scare.
We finally pushed back our fear,
and that's a hard thing to do my dear.
We kissed as we sat there not knowing
that our true feelings were showing.
I felt like the world had stopped just for us.
And for those few minutes it was just us.
The moonlight got us to where we are,
and it will lead us, with help from the stars.
You're gonna be my always and forever.
And I'm never letting go. Never.

by Crystal Pierce

Comments (5)

lovely poem...has a relaxing effect while reading...💓10+++++++++
Great.........up to this little (yet significant) typo: that are that our true feelings were of course meant our true.. btw, in your comments, below: don't get involved with The Crow. i would stay away from him. i say that from past experience on PH (with him) . this is not a very detailed critique, but it will suffice for now. i like the poem and have to remind myself that you are being a poet and NOT (necessarily) typing a diary entry about your young life. of course, this COULD be about YOU! =================== Watch Out For Love Some young love does last. Some couples, to it, hold fast. Passion often cools after a bit. Don't forget to put a condom on it! =================== i guess i 'need' to finish reading the poem! oh, i already did. i especially like the last rhyme: forever/Never to MyPoemList it goes. very nice, Crys. bri :)
Hi Chryssa, Beautiful. Another poem on love, love and LOVE! Those who have experienced the magic of love only can understand what moonlight means to lovers; what she murmurs in their ears, ever so softly...ever so passionately... The moonlight was our guiding light, and it was passion we were trying to fight. Loved reading... A mighty 100+ and onto mypoemlist..
What a lovely poem about Love. Well Done, Crystal! So vivid, it makes the reader almost feel that they are viewers, like watching a good film.
Beautiful lines...I felt like the world had stopped for us..+++10