Moonlight Dance

As night time arrives a gentle breeze begins to blow
Stars that have hid all day suddenly begin to glow
A bashful moon creeps slowly into view
Rising higher in the night sky as it slowly changes its hue

The daytime sounds give way to the night
Landscape illuminated by the pale moon light
Crickets begin to sing nightly songs of love
As the wind sings harmony high in the trees above

Fireflies can be seen as they begin their nightly dance
As you gaze at their beauty you slip momentarily into a trance
You listen to the sounds of a creek lazily passing by
Broken only by the sounds of a lonely whippoorwills cry

Snow capped mountains shimmer in the night
Sparkling majestically under the glowing moon light
A shooting star cuts a path across the night sky
Its brilliant radiance is over in the blink of a eye

An owl cry, s out as if he, s asking who's there, who
Its no one special my friend its just me and you
The smell of a distant camp fire fills the night air
Blended with the scents of nature nothing else can compare

Trees sway and bend in the midnight serenade
Participants engaging in the moon light masquerade
As you marvel at the beauty this night has created
You, ll thank the moon for leaving you totally elated

With you these memories I can only share
You, ll never truly know the meaning without being there
So set aside the time and take the chance
Experience for yourself the beauty of the Moonlight Dance

by Poison 9901

Comments (2)

This is very nice, the descriptive diction brings your words alive! Lilly :)
this is a very lovely paint a wonderful picture with your words..very good: -)