Moonlight Dancer

Here's to you sweet moonlight dancer
Let the music take you deep, deep into
the caverns of your soul in your hunt for
all that glitters. may you find solice in
your delicate pleasureful movement
In meeting your soul,
Dance to the music of my beating heart
Be still; upon you a life time and may this
Life time be just a blink in the eye of eternity
For in this timless dance you show
Your beauty and your grace and all of this
Being timeless let your mind be filled
O moonlight dancer bless you in your art
For your movement whispers hope into
the ears of a dying soul, and helps it to grow
Tiny little moonlight dancer, the music has stopped
it is my turn to lead you, are you ready?

by Darryl (Daristotle) McMillan

Comments (1)

good expression, figuratively, literally, if that was the case. slight repetition came in at the opportune time. keep on SusxGLx