'Moonlight Flight'

High atop a mountain in the pale moon light,
Sits a mystical creature of long ago flight
His eyes they glow an eerie red,
Two boney protrusions sticking up from his head

His tongue is split, like that of a snake.
Nostrils flare with every breath he takes.
The smell of sulfur permeates the air,
His senses heighten, he knows your there.

His ears are large with sharp pointed tips.
Razor sharp teeth, barely covered by lips
With scales on his neck, like a knights armor plates
He sits on his perch and patiently waits.

The scales on his back are a bluish green,
With the moonlights kiss, posse an iridescent sheen
His mighty wings tucked firmly by his side,
Outstretched to the heavens, the night air he rides

Four black talons adorn each of his feet,
Used for ripping or tearing, snap shut like a cleat
His long slender tail he uses like a rudder,
The sight of his approach causes many to shudder

He’ll take to the air with one mighty bound,
Leaving his perch without making a sound
Searching for something, some un-expecting prey
Soaring thru the night till the light of day

He’ll return to the lair, from which he left.
Slipping silently back into its darkened cleft,
He’ll spend his day tucked safely out of sight.
Waiting for the next moonlight flight

by Poison 9901

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very awesome, it was kind of mysterious in way not telling what animal it was