Moonlight Lovers

They could love you more than any of the world,
but could never be claimed yours nor theirs,
for the moon has passed within the stars,
ancient desiring needs have risen near and far; The animal that hides scared inside,
could never misplace the love it abides,
the well has been drawn for many years,
as the bucket has spilled many fears; Risk passed in the moon's phase there,
rain fell before it not hearing their prayer,
captured by the star's rich comforting glimmer,
one's soul sunk, as the strength grew dimmer; Understanding sought but never found in review,
The morning's dawn reflects the images of you,
Mirrored within your charming blue skies,
Is the images of yours and theirs; For the moon has passed within the stars,
Ancient desiring needs risen near and far.

by Margaret M. Ryder

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