IOI (7/4/1934 / Hebburn.Co Durham U.K)

Moonlight Magic For Friend Konstantin

Moonlight magic

cherry blossoms pink and white.
springtime beauty show.
satisfies my appetite..

a beautiful sight.
softly the breezes blow
thus creating tricks of light.

at night the moonlight
adds to my delight
the blossoms seem to glow.

it is my birthright
I can come and go.
I choose to visit by night.

to enjoy the sight.
wander to and fro
in ecstasies of delight.

night: my favourite
why, because I know
the cherry blossoms pink and white
will be bathed in silver light.

Tankanelle a form devised by Board Flak


The first stanza 7/5/7 syllables
The next four stanzas 5/5/7 syllables
The final stanza is 5/5/7/7

The opening line is repeated as the first line of the closing couplet

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I know Tanka but you have introduced me to another form of poetry my friend Ivor. Great poetic structure..............10+++