Moonlight Water

Poem By Neil Graham Marsden

Cradle me now allow my dying heart to weep

Inside your tender loving arms

Engulf me a blanket of pure warmth

Teach me how to die in dignity and peace

Sheltered deep within your loving heart

Stand firm instead of me

Caress the furrowed brow

Touch down the lids of fear

Kiss comfort kisses

Taste away the hounds of hate

Let sadness fade into the gift of sleep

Lay my life upon clear waters soft as sunset

Blow me out upon your adoration

So I can float away until forever

On such calming swell

Until my light shall fade at last

To dream on into eternity

Content that I had ever loved

Comments about Moonlight Water

It's quite beautiful but at the same time incredibly sad. Keep writing and sharing with us. A '10! ' Best Wishes, Marilyn

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