JG (10.31.86 / Attleboro, MA)

Moonlit Pool

She falls away, her ebony hair shimmering in the moonlight.
I see her fall, but I am powerless to stop it,
As I am powerless to stop the scream that rips from my lips
-Alone, I am cold now, and she is gone- fallen.
Her skin is pale, and lifeless, though I do not know by touch
-The miles have prevented the warmth, and have prevented
I do not know what to do, now.
I am alone, watching her descend into
The murky depths.
-Past, present, all deceptive hopes of the future,
Drown with her, in the scream that I hear but do not feel.
I cannot understand- my mind has gone,
All sanity, fled away with that scream.
I have lost her, now. She falls,
Into the depths from which there is no return.
All that is within me screams to drag her out of those depths,
But I cannot-
She did not fall,
She leapt, away from me, into the dark.
I cannot see her now. She was all I ever held dear.
She was to me life and breath and hope.
All laughter is now gone.
All life is now gone.
I wish within my heart just to fall,
And never return.
To fall, as she did,
And never be brought again to the light.
I see her corpse, swimming with the current in the murky depths of the pool,
Illuminated only by the moonlight.
Her skin reflects the pure white light, the silver sheen,
And shines into my eyes, a blinding pain.
I cannot reach her-
She has fallen from my grasp,
Leaving me, of her own free will, alone.
I stand, alone, screaming into the night,
But none is there to hear me;
None is there to stop my own descent-
I would fall; let none stop me,
Let none catch me.
No one cares,
And I am alone.

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