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Poem By Silvana Krculic

She headed- West
he accepted her silence

for a long time
she didn't hear from him

then a letter

he remembered her birthday

he knew her name was- Tulip
her sacred number was seven
she was a lover of God,
but estranged from heaven

he quessed:
surely she'd know of his whereabouts
they are both protected
by the same moon- glow, he had no

but the late night wind had a very
strong drift-
it gave the leaves a crazy lift,
left them stale on the ground

with them this letter she found:

my love:

turn off the radio
leave the moon- dial on
once more:
through the lens
of the night- sky
I can see the eyes
in the distance I adore
my lips are warm,
kisses distant and dolorous
in my heart I hold a red rose
for you
I'm the lover of the moon,
but my eyes
like the leaves of late fall
are always changing colors;
your eyes I can see once more
your heart to me always surrenders,
must be:
this love was born way- before,
but this eyes-
this eyes are of November.
yours forever...
She wrote back:


I left in late July, headed- West
the road I took-
I always knew was blessed
there's this thing:
around my heart
I wear the fire- ring
in my hand I hold a note
in moonlight written:
'lover, my heart with you is
always smitten...'
'from a dreamer'

P.S. Please accept my silence doubtless to all...
I never thought... you'd miss me come this fall?


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