Poem By Budlea Ni Mhaolfhabhail

Look how the 'man' in her face looks
Down on a world in darkness below.
I, high on the delights of the day,
Remain silent, worshipping her beauty,
One not created by us.

Where is the message in her veil?
Banks of drifting cloud blot her cheeks,
Her eyes.... and the 'man' in her face
Looks more like a child, a child who
Has lost his way in this universe.

She sends light towards my face...
Reaching out my hand, it almost seems as if
I can touch your face, my love, thousands
Of miles away from me...

Clinging to memories the way the moon's
Love clings delicately to the last autumn
Leaves on my cherry tree.

Without you, I am not me.
Without me, you remain a shadow of you.
We need each other in order to remain true.

Orange-red cherry leaves.
Here tonight. Gone tomorrow.
Returning in a year's time.

Love is the greatest stage-play
Where we all have parts to mime...
Until wedding bells echo and chime.
Never ever give up on a dream.
It should be as pure as a moonbeam.

Comments about Moonshine

Some great lines here. Thanks for sharing.
Love in the moonlight to reflect on that dream...never give up on dreaming...good advice, a gentle love poem very nice...regards
[A moonish love poem].. So soothing lines! !

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