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DD (6/11/54 / Darwen England)


Poem By David Darbyshire

Far in the outback
off an old railway track
we made our still
Our orders we'ed fufill

You get a thrill
From our Still
drinkin Moonshine
So Devine,

In my Chevy I got stuck
It was real bad Luck
Booze up to the boards
better stick with the ford's

Cops on the prowl
a hoot from an Owl
I put-er in gear
I'm out of here

Cruzin down the lane
Cops still on my brain
I guess the coast is clear
can carry on with my career

Got to town, put the Booze down
Moonshine Ya! hope they don't drown
Took the bucks got out the shop
across the street was the cop

The Cop was to late
I had another date
Gonna go get a Ford
It's all I can afford

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a'men to that brother