IOI (7/4/1934 / Hebburn.Co Durham U.K)

Moral Obligation?

Quintilla format.

His lover was in constant pain.
She could no longer bear the strain.
So he decided it was best
To grant her unspoken request.
Although it was against the law.

What right has anyone to say.
She has to suffer in this way.
When it's not necessary.
He has the means to set her free.
Why should she suffer anymore.

She smiled at him because she knew.
That what she wanted, he would do.
He was absolutely sure.
There was no prospect of a cure.
And chose to disregard the law.

He is no fool and recognises
That some will choose to criticise.
As they are entitled to.
He did what he thought he must do.
The time has come to change he law.

The right to die with dignity
When life has lost its quality.
Though it's forbidden by the state.
Is open to renewed debate.
With arguments against and for.

The state will try to prove that he.
Should be deprived of liberty.
Although he had no ill intent
He still merits some punishment.
He placed his love above the law.

Prepared to face the consequence.
Because he used his common sense.
And saved her from sheer agony.
His conscience bid him set her free.
Obedient to a higher law.

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