NAA ( / Pemba - Tanzania)

Moral Ties

What is the price of these tears?
As they fall carrying huge distress
Trailing on our soul with many regrets
Our love is nothing but pain and upsets
Erected lust far away from wedlock tracks
We packed our life with many lies
Discarded our soul with moral ties
On another corner we teach our children the decent ways
Yet we fail to follow our own moralize
Covering sinful ways with more deceits
To banish our fear, the chain repeats

by Nasra Al Adawi

Comments (3)

Very good and so true.
A very appropriate poem for the times.
I feel for everything you say here. we all get caught up in this circle of morality, human weakness, preaching what we do not practice or believe in and its at the cost of great suffering. Well said Nasra. GS