I can't take this your splitting my head,
your random messages must have just been misread,
I thought you cared and that we would never leave each other alone,
so why do I sit here remembering all the terrible things while I'm home?

This life is torturous with you still fresh in my mind,
your a feeling of regret because I was so blind,
these hopes and dreams you crushed and threw away,
your life your love they held my sway,

So I ask you again whether it is true,
Did you love me or just play me like a fool?
A twist of those lips into what I thought might have been a smile,
as you laugh, and I fade away through the miles,

darkness has become my solitude and it hides the pain,
for certainly no one would look upon me in my shame,
my mind is destroying itself through its own grief,
I won't give up yet, I won't make it this brief

I'll wipe that smile straight from your face,
and I'll guarantee that it will be me as your last taste,
for you can only crush a man so far down,
before he stands up and knocks off your crown,
I hope you repent before your judgment is seen,
because I had always treated you like a queen.

Love is full of pain and hardship,
but it's comprise that gets us through,
so never look back on the winds of despair,
because you'll always have that fear you share,
of losing someone so close that it will make life stop,
push yourself off the ground my love and please don't ever drop...
-Dying Romantic 3: 17 AM Monday July 30th 2007

by Brandon Chiles

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