Morality And Corruption

Long, long ago,
so long ago,
that time remained
entrenched in forgetfulness,
the ghost of morality,
guarded the garden of primroses.

One day, from the heart
of the blue sky, emerged
the band of corruption,
headed by the master,
went to morality,
and asked in a voice,
where the crisp spring wind,
rustles the leaves,
her hand for marriage, ,
and morality, in her
innocence lost under the
roots of plants, gracefully
accepted, and the wedding
took place, in a dingy
cave, that not a single
wave bothered to visit.

Few years later,
morality gave birth
to corrupt children,
who spread to all the
parts of the earth
and morality fought
a war with her
husband, where she was
ultimately put to death,
and the epitaph of her
grave bore no details,
of her birth and death.

Meanwhile corruption spread
like wild fire, and became
a dealer in every continent,
to the political bandicoots,
that rule the roost,
in order to state complacently,
that it was alright,
to spill a dropp of blood,
to acquire the best in life.
Even though morality,
might be fast asleep in
her grave, her blood still
remains on those swords,
that slit so many necks,
and she will remain seated,
along with the Gods in
heaven, who have no courage,
to sweep away dirt...........

by nithya raghavan

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good theme and good write........ morality and corruptio....... let it be heard by someone.......